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Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Does Howard Have Eyes For Brooklyn?

The future of the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets franchise may hing one what happens — or does not happen — in the next seven. The NBA Trade Deadline is March 15, and the question that hangs over the Nets — and really the entire NBA — is ‘will the Orlando Magic trade Dwight Howard to the Nets?’

Most analysts seem to believe that if the Magic — reluctantly — deal the start center before the deadline rather than risk losing him and getting nothing in return this summer that New Jersey remains the only realistic trade partner.

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Ken Berger of CBS Sports points out that Howard could want Brooklyn more than any other destination not only to play with start guard Deron Williams, but because of off-thecourt opprtunities that would come with being in New York. Berger wrote:

If Howard wants more global exposure and the opportunity to eclipse whatever money he’d be leaving on the table by leaving Orlando, those opportunities will be there for him if he chooses the Nets and joins Deron Williams in Brooklyn next season.

During a roundtable, several NBA experts agreed that, despite the logic of trading Howard and making sure they get something for him, that the Magic appear hell-bent on keeping him and convincing him to stay in Orlando.

If they can’t get Howard the Nets run the risk of losing Williams to free agency this summer.