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NBA Trade Rumors 2012: Nets Interested In Jamal Crawford, According To Report

While reported efforts to land center Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic have proved futile, there's another player who the New Jersey Nets have their sights set on, and that's Portland guard Jamal Crawford, according to Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski. Wojnarowski also says the Nets are actively searching for trades with multiple teams.

Crawford has been a subject of much speculation leading up to today's 3 p.m. EST deadline, and a recent report indicated he was close to being dealt to Minnesota in a three deal team centered around he, Michael Beasley and Steve Blake of the Lakers.

Crawford, an 11-year veteran, has ties to the New York market, having played four plus seasons with the Knicks earlier in his career. He signed with Portland prior to this season after spending two years in Atlanta.

It is not clear what the Nets would offer up in exchange for Crawford.

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