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Dwight Howard Rumors Monday [Updated]: Nets' Chances Fading?

The Dwight Howard rumor mill continues to churn at full speed as we head toward the March 15 NBA Trade Deadline. As far as the New Jersey Nets and their fans are concerned, it continues to churn out bad news.'s Sam Amick wrote today that "Those in communication with the Magic's situation continue to predict that Howard won't be traded" and that "New Jersey's assets haven't been enough to get a deal done for months, meaning a trade involving more than the two teams is likely needed."

SI's Chris Mannix tweeted more bad news for the Nets -- and maybe the entire NBA outside Los Angeles. Mannix tweeted "If Howard goes to free agency, throw out the three-team (Dallas, NJ, LAL) list. It's open season for bidding. LeBron, part II. ... Howard will have interest in: Clippers and Miami. There are cap issues, but the interest is real."

The Nets, of course, have pinned their hopes on adding Howard to a team featuring star point guard Deron Williams when the team moves to Brooklyn next season. If the team is unable to reel in Howard somehow, it faces the real possibility of also losing Williams via free agency.