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Nets Trade Rumors: New Jersey Still Favorite For Dwight Howard?

The Dwight Howard Saga has been ongoing since the off-season and much like when LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony were threatening to switch teams, the New Jersey Nets have been in the forefront of rumors as potential suitors for the mega-starts.

Prior to the regular season the Nets appeared to be on the verge of acquiring Howard via trade, but talks fell through when the centerpiece of the deal in exchange for Howard, Brook Lopez, suffered a foot injury that sidelined him for the entire season up to this point.

According to the New York Post, the Nets are still confident about their chances of acquiring Howard:

The Nets have been quietly confident all along about Howard.As the Knicks thought about Anthony last year, the Nets and obviously believe if they land him they can keep him. And they believe they can land him. So some around the Nets have used those buzzwords "favorable ... strong ... good."

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