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Deron Williams Rumors: Nets Understand The Dallas Threat

There has been and will continue to be speculation that New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams could head home to play for the Dallas Mavericks next season if the Nets are unable to bring Dwight Howard to Brooklyn for the 2012 season. With the Nets playing in Dallas tonight Williams was, of course, asked about the Mavericks. As the Star-Ledger reported, Nets fans "won't get any reasurance" from what Williams said.

"It's probably my favorite (arena) to play in. I just enjoy playing here - I enjoy playing in front of my friends, family. It's always good they get the chance to come and see me play," Williams said.

That isn't exactly a "see ya later" shot across the bow of the Nets. It is, however, fair warning. And the Nets definitely do not have their heads in the sand on this one. Listen to coach Avery Johnson:

"For me personally, working for Mark Cuban, he's a threat, okay?" said Johnson, who coached the Mavs 2005-2008. "I know the guy. So I think because of the success he's had - and I know he got criticized a lot for ... all those years where he didn't win a championship - but he's had some really great success here that rivals any situation. So that's a threat. And for us, we don't make any assumptions until we get Deron signed on the dotted line."

The Nets are in a fight to change the fortunes of their franchise when they move to Brooklyn. How it turns out is still anybody's guess at this point.