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Dwight Howard Rumors: Knicks Reportedly Not Giving Up The Chase

The New York Post reported this morning that the New York Knicks are laying in the weeds hoping Orlando Magic star center Dwight Howard will add them to the list of teams for which he would like to play.

The Post's basketball expert, Peter Vescey, wrote today that Howard's list still includes only the New Jersey Nets, Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers. Vescey, however, wrote that the Knicks are apparently willing to give up pretty much whatever they have to in order to bring Howard to Madison Square Garden.

"I'm positive the Knicks have called just in case Dwight changes up," an Eastern Conference GM said. "I'm sure they've offered a combination of everybody, excluding Jeremy Lin, of course."

What happens with Howard long-term is still anyone's guess. It seems increasingly unlikely he will be traded during the season, with the Magic still hoping to find a way to keep him. The Nets are banking their hopes on building around Howard and Deron Williams when they move to Brooklyn.

Stay tuned.