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Nets Rumors: If They Can't Get Howard, Will They Also Lose Deron Williams?

If the New Jersey Nets lose out on Orlando Magic superstar center Dwight Howard could they also end up losing point guard Deron Williams? Our friends at SB Nation's NetsDaily have uncovered a couple of reports indicating that is a distinct possibility.

The Nets, of course, have pinned their hopes on bringing in Howard via trade or free agency -- most likely the latter at this point -- and pairing him with the extraordinary point guard Williams as they move into their new home in Brooklyn for the 2012-2013 season this coming fall.

Losing out on Howard then having Williams exit via free agency this summer is the nightmare scenario for New Jersey. Via Nets Daily, ESPN Insider Chad Ford thinks it is more than just a possibility.

The only scenario where he doesn't [leave as a freee agent] is if the Nets swing a deal for Dwight Howard at the trade deadline. At that point, I think Williams hangs around. If that doesn't happen, I think Williams will join Dwight Howard in Dallas next summer. Lots of signals pointing to this being the preferred outcome for both players."

That is not what the Nets, and their fans, want to hear.