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Jeremy Lin: Has Gone Lin-sane

Behind 20 points from point guard Jeremy Line, who knocked down the game-winning free throw in the closing moments, the New York Knicks defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves, 100-98, in a inter-conference contest Saturday. The win marked the fourth straight for New York, which hasn't lost since Lin entered the starting lineup, and has started a nationwide frenzy over the Asian-American phenom.

Over at's NBA page there is four columns written about Lin, the Harvard University grade from Palo Alto, CA. Here's a brief look at the features on Jeremy Lin.

As Linsanity grows, Jeremy Lin gets praise from Steve Nash and calls from David Letterman - Sam Amick -

"As Steve Nash sees it, Jeremy Lin's incredible path from the bench to breakout star is a good, old-fashioned sports story: an underdog athlete playing well, sparking excitement and leading a struggling franchise to victories. It's not, as some have surmised, a story of Nash's old coach, the Knicks' Mike D'Antoni, finally finding a Nash-esque point guard to plug into an offensive system that is making this mania happen."

Jeremy Lin drops 38 to help the Knicks take down Kobe Bryant, Lakers - Chris Mannix -

"For all of their star power, for all of their wealth, the man who may save the Knicks' season earns the NBA minimum, sleeps on his brother's couch and less than a month ago wore a uniform with "Erie" across the chest."

Can Knicks guard Jeremy Lin add to his legend in New York? - Phil Taylor -

"I missed on Jeremy Lin, too. And like the front offices and coaching staffs of the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets, I'm kicking myself for not realizing what was right under my nose."

Cut by Warriors, Rockets led Jeremy Lin to success with Knicks - Sam Amick -

"Linsanity," as his growing legion of fans from all over the world are calling it, had been sparked by Lin's unexpectedly exciting play. The driving and dishing of an NBA castoff has led to three straight wins for a Knicks team badly in need of a positive vibe and good point guard play."

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