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Brook Lopez Injury Update: Nets Expect Center To Return After All-Star Break

The New Jersey Nets won't give an exact timetable for when Brook Lopez will return from a broken foot, but general manager Billy King hinted that the talented center should make his 2012 regular season debut by the time the team resumes after the All-Star Game.

"I know in Dallas - God willing we don't have any more injuries - we'll have all our guys playing except for our guys that are out for the season," King said, referring to New Jersey's first game after the Feb. 26 All-Star Game.

Lopez has been cleared to do basketball work, and coach Avery Johnson said the center has shown improvement.

"He's just been moving around a little bit more on the court and he'll do some parts of shootaround today and we'll just keep building him up," Avery Johnson said. "He's just got to get in better basketball condition and he's not there yet. You know, we'll just keep working with him. He's feeling better. He's feeling good. We haven't had any setbacks."

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