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Nets' Marshon Brooks Learns Lessons In Loss To Celtics

New Jersey Nets rookie guard Marshon Brooks was pretty solid in the first half of his first career start Wednesday night, as the Long Beach, NJ native collected 15 of his team-best 17 points in the Nets 89-70 loss to the Boston Celtics (4-3) at the TD Garden. After the game, Brooks, who was double- and triple-teamed in the second half and limited to just two points, took to Twitter to express a few thoughts about his start and pay respects to a future Hall Of Fame guard, Kobe Bryant.

"After being double-teamed, I respect Kobe THAT much more, wow!!!" Tweeted Brooks shortly after the loss.

Of course, a 17-point night in the NBA is nothing, but it's a start for a guard who in a very short time, because of injuries, has become the team's No. 1-scoring option.

"I learned a lot, just the coverages and where the double teams come from and things like that," Brooks told the Boston Herald after the game. "I was having success posting up in the first half. Coach tried to go back to me posting up in the second half and just little things like where the double team is coming from (was a problem). They come from different angles in the NBA as opposed to college. I have to learn to attack the other way going away from the double team."

The Nets 2012 schedule features New Jersey at the Toronto Raptors, Friday, and then hosting the Miami Heat, Saturday.

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