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Nets Vs. Cavaliers: Nets Win 99-96 In Cleveland

The New Jersey Nets finished a three-game road trip on a high note with a 99-96 win over the Cavaliers in Cleveland. This was their second win in a row and brings them to a record of 7-13. This was the Cavaliers' fifth loss in the last six games and they now have a record of 7-11. With the win, the Nets are in 10th place in the Eastern Conference (fourth place in the Atlantic Division) and the Cavaliers are in ninth place in the conference (fourth place in Central Division).

The Nets were led by point guard Deron Williams, who scored 27 points in Cleveland. Guard Anthony Morrow scored 22 points, Kris Humphries scored 18, DeShawn Stevenson scored six and Shelden Williams added four points. Jordan Farmar came off the bench to score 11 points while Johan Petro added six and Shawne Williams added five.

The Cavaliers were led by point guard Kyrie Irving, who scored 32 points Friday night and forward Antwan Jamison scored 20. Anthony Parker and Omri Casspi both scored eight points while Anderson Varejao added four. Ramon Sessions led the Cavaliers bench with 11 points. Alonzo Gee came off the bench to score six, Tristan Thompson scored five and Samardo Samuels added two points.

The Nets return home to New Jersey to host the Toronto Raptors on Sunday at 6 p.m. and the Cavaliers go on the road to face the Boston Celtics on Sunday at the same time.

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