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NBA Lockout: Players, Owners Hold Short Meeting; Stage Set For Showdown Wednesday

The next step in the NBA's ongoing labor situation will be decided on Wednesday in New York.  Following a short meeting Tuesday between the players and owners, the two sides ended negotiations for the day to discuss matters with their constituency before meeting again on Wednesday.

While no one expects a deal to be agreed to on Wednesday, it will go a long way towards determining just how long it will take to get there.

If both sides continue to go around in circles without making serious concessions, we could see an end meeting of any kind and start talking about cancelling regular season games.  Training camps have already been postponed indefinitely and 43 preseason games wiped out.

Players association president Derek Fisher said the two sides talked more conceptually, but that "maybe we can put a deal together."

David Stern talked to reporters after Tuesday's meeting about the importance of continuing to make some form of progress.

"They and we have both agreed that so long as there is reason to keep discussing, we will keep discussing, undeterred by the calendar or weekends or things like that," Stern said.  "We will know more after tomorrow's session."

With the the players and owners both having members of their team observing Rosh Hashanah on Thursday and Friday, Wednesday's session is the last chance for serious negotiations until the weekend.