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NBA Lockout: Training Camps Postponed Indefinitely, 43 Preseason Games Cancelled

After failing to come to an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement with the NBA Players Association, the league announced today that training camps for the 2011-12 season have been postponed indefinitely.

They have also canceled all preseason games scheduled through October 15th.  All told, 43 games will be lost...  for now.

In a statement, NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver made it clear more cancellations can (and likely will) be on the way.

"We will make further decisions as warranted."

Training camps across the league were set to open on October 3. 

With a new CBA needing at least two weeks to be ironed out after being agreed to and then some sort of free agency period then training camp needed, the league will be cancelling regular season games if a deal isn't struck by the first week in October.

Considering how hard of a stance the owners are taking with the salary cap and percentage of revenue they will commit to player salaries, anything beyond half a season of games has to be considered an optimistic goal.