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NBA Lockout: League To Cancel Beginning Of Training Camp, Preseason Games

That glimmer of hope that NBA players and owners had over the last week that the season could start on time has completely flown out the window.  According to multiple reports, the two sides were unable to make any more progress in their meeting Thursday and commissioner David Stern is set to announce that training camps across the league will be postponed by at least two weeks and cancel exhibition games through October 15th.

Previous meetings between the two sides moved them closer to a deal, but Thursday Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver told NBAPA executive director Billy Hunter and president Derek Fisher that the owners plan on reducing the players' portion of revenue to less than 50 percent after the expired CBA gave the players a minimum of 57 percent.

Jared Dudley of the Phoenix Suns recently said that the players had already suggested 53 percent and if the league pushed to "52, 51. If that gets the season done, I guarantee you we would have the season if that’s what it takes."

Clearly any number south of 50 percent is not going to fly with the players and the owners knew that going into Thursday's crucial meeting, showing they are ready to miss a significant part of the season.  If there isn't an agreement made by next week, then regular season games will start to be cancelled.

The two sides have yet to schedule another meeting and Fisher conceded

"The calendar's obviously not our friend," the veteran said, echoing the exact same phrase Stern used after the meeting.

At least we know the players and owners agree on something.