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NBA Lockout: More Meeting On Tap With Time Running Out

With the start of NBA training camps around the corner, time is running out for the owners and players to avoid missing regular season games.  To try and keep the process towards a new CBA moving, representatives from both sides in addition to lawyers representing the players and owners will hold a staff meeting Wednesday in New York, according to reports.

While Wednesday's meeting will be without any players, owners, NBA commissioner David Stern and NBAPA executive director Billy Hunter, they two sides are planning a second meeting of the week on Thursday.  Hunter and union president Derek Fisher are expected to attend that small meeting.

As much as I'd like to get excited about the two sides meeting together (and twice in one week!), we need to see some sort of signs there will be at least a little bit of compromise on the key issues starting with the salary cap situation.

If we are sitting in the exact spot on Friday morning after two meetings, there is little hope that the beginning of the restular season can be saved.