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Despite Three Year Contract, Nets Hope To Have Second Round Pick Bojan Bogdanovic In 2012

The New Jersey Nets introduced their three draft picks to the media on Monday, MarShon Brooks, Jordan Williams and Bojan Bogdanovic.  While Brooks and Williams will be in camp with the Nets next season -- whenever that ends up being -- Bogdanovic will be playing with Fenerbahce in Turkey after signing a brand new three-year contract.

Originally the thought was that Bogdanovic would spend just one year in Turkey before making his debut with the Brooklyn Nets in 2012.  However his contract does not contain a buyout until after the second season, putting the earliest he could be a part of Avery Johnson's rotation would be 2013.

GM Billy King has said that Bogdanovic's contract was not a surprise, but that he will attempt to get the high-scoring rookie in a Nets jersey in 2012.

For his part, Bogdanovic told the media on Monday that his experience playing (and scoring 17) against Team USA at the World Championships helped to build a foundation for his future in the NBA.

"I was able to see where I was at against the best players in the world like Kevin Durant, so that helped me a lot."

Whenever the Nets are able to get Bogdanovic to play in Brooklyn, they will be getting a player that ranked second in the Euroleauge last season with 18.9 points at just 22-year old.