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New York Knicks: The Big Man or the Little Man?

One of the interesting debates that will be surrounding the Knicks as they approach the 2012 season (yes, we are already skipping over 2011) is who they should focus their free agent money on: Dwight Howard or Chris Paul?

Is the top option, the dominating defensive center or the point guard with an ability to completely control a game?

If Howard joined the Knicks front line along with Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, it would immediately provide them with the best front court in the NBA. Yet, they could still be working with a guard tandem of Toney Douglas and Landry Fields. If Paul joined the Knicks big two, as they all joked about at Carmelo's wedding, the Knicks would have a point guard to slice up Miami and go toe to toe with Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose. However, they would still lack interior size, toughness and rebounding. As we saw last month, you aren't winning anything with Jared Jeffries or Ronny Turiaf at center.

There are obviously other factors at play here, including Chris Paul's long term health and both of them being pursued by other big market teams like Los Angeles or Chicago. Yet, the Knicks should be able to create the cap space and now have the star power to make a better run at Paul or Howard than they did at LeBron James.

As for the Nets, don't worry I am sure we will hear all about what a serious player they are in these sweepstakes until they eventually decide to spend the money on a long term extension for Travis Outlaw or Sasha Vujacic.