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SB Nation New York's 2010-11 NBA Awards

The NBA Playoffs are about to tip off with the New York Knicks right in the thick of the action. It is shaping up to be a great postseason, but just how did we get here?

We asked a few of the SB Nation New York writers to submit their ballots for the big NBA awards and short of Blake Griffin there weren't any unanimous selections.


Chris Celletti - Derrick Rose

Doesn't really need explanation, but the perfect mix of stats and importance to team. Without him, the Bulls are nowhere near a 60-win team.  With him, they're the best team in the East.

Ryan Jones - Dwight Howard

Want to see how important Superman is to his team? Just watch what happens when he sits down. Sure, every team performs better when their star is on the floor, but Orlando looks flat out lost when Howard is watching from the bench. Other than being his usual dominant self, he also withstood a huge roster shake up without missing a beat.

Howard Megdal - Dirk Nowitzki

He has done more with less than anyone in the league.

Rookie of the Year

CC - Blake Griffin

I really, really wanted to pick Landry Fields before he fell off after the Carmelo trade, but it has to be Blake Griffin.  It was a pretty weak rookie class altogether. Griffin's 22 points and 12 boards a game, plus his countless highlight reel dunks make him the easy choice.

RJ - Blake Griffin

From the minute he stepped on the court this season, Griffin was arguably the most exciting player in the league.  Both at home and on the road, he is one of the few players that gets an arena buzzing every second he is on the floor.

HM - Blake Griffin

You're probably just looking for attention if you pick someone else.

Most Improved Player

CC - Jrue Holiday

The Sixers are making the playoffs and a big reason is Holiday. In his second year in the league, Holiday has blossomed into one of the most athletic point guards in the league.

RJ - Kris Humphries

It's hard to find a player who's stock has been upgraded more this season than Humphries and it has nothing to do with him keeping up with a certain Kardashian.Ten points and 10.4 rebounds a game even though he didn't get the full-time starting job at power forward until later in the year.

HM - Kevin Love

This is the year he became a superstar.

Sixth Man of the Year

CC - Jason Terry

16 PPG off the bench for the 3rd seed in the West.

HM - Lamar Odom

I don't remember a year where this was so clear-cut.

RJ - George Hill

The glue on the NBA's best team should be getting much more love.

Coach of the Year

CC - Tom Thibodeau

I think this is a pretty easy choice. Doug Collins deserves some love, but man, no one has done a better job than Thibodeau. The Bulls are the No. 1 seed in the East and are a legit title contender because of Thibodeau's ability to get the Bulls to buy into his defensive system.

RJ - George Karl

All he did was keep the Nuggets together post Melo-drama and lead them to a 50-win season and a fifth seed in the West. If he can find a way to get past Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round, maybe there will be more focus on the amazing job he did in Denver.

HM - Doug Collins

The 76ers have no business getting near 40 victories with that roster.