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Deron Williams Is Ready For A Playoff Run This Season

The newest Nets was introduced to the media on Thursday and though Deron Williams was unable to guarantee that he will sign an extension when he is allowed to under league rules, he did put to bed any concerns about his attitude.

His first words to a group of waiting reporters should have said it all when he exclaimed "I'm excited to be a Net!"

Williams also seemed impressed with the long-term plan that GM Billy King and head coach Avery Johnson have for these New Jersey Nets, led by the All-Star point guard.

"It got me excited about the possibilities of competing for a championship in the next couple of years," Williams said.

Before anyone things the new face of the franchise is writing off this season, Williams used the "P" word when talking about this season.

"This year, trying to make a playoff push, seeing as close as we can get to doing that.  I'm just really excited about the opportunity."

When you are dealing with a 17-40 team, the playoffs aren't often spoken about in the present tense, but Williams talked about how he has never been on a losing team in his career. 

The most difficult thing facing the Nets -- other than the 40 losses -- is time as they only have 25 games left on the schedule and will need to make up 10 games in the loss column to snag the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

It will take a near-miracle for New Jersey to make a run a legitimate run for the playoffs, but it's a promising start for Nets fans to hear the only thing on Williams' mind right now is winning.