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As The Front Office Tries To Regroup, Nets Cancel Practice

The New Jersey Nets will not have Carmelo Anthony when they return to action on Friday but beyond that, GM Billy King and head coach Avery Johnson don't know exactly who will and won't be a part of the franchise by the time the trade deadline passes on Thursday.

With the front office trying to regroup from their failed attempt to reel in Anthony, the Nets canceled practice on Tuesday.

The team doesn't want to return to the court until they know where their players stand, specifically point guard Devin Harris, who has been mentioned to be going everywhere from Atlanta to Portland.

Similar to their time in Dallas, Harris and Johnson never quite got on the same page and the team has decided they would be better off moving on.  That means one way or another, Harris won't be in New Jersey by the end of the week, but instead will be wearing a new jersey. 

While they don't play before the trade deadline, the Nets are still planning on practicing Wednesday, pointing to a deal involving Harris going down within 24 hours.