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Dwight Howard To Ask For Trade To New Jersey Nets

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard is ready to add more craziness to the beginning of the NBA season by asking for a trade to the New Jersey NetsAccording to a report by Chris Broussard, the star will inform the Magic as early as Friday he will not re-sign with them and he may choose to pass on the opening of training camp altogether.

The Magic said late Thursday they expected Howard to be there for the first day of camp.

The pending request isn't thought to be a surprise to the Nets.  Howard's representatives have reportedly already told New Jersey they are his "preferred destination".  In return for the All-Everything center, the Magic would receive the previously reported package of Brook Lopez and two first round picks.  Orlando would also be able to unload Hedo Turkoglu's terrible contract, with three year and $34 million left, on the Nets.

Having previously been burned by the Carmelo Anthony trade drama last year, the Nets aren't putting all their eggs in the Dwight Howard basket.  Instead they are reportedly still keeping in touch with Nene in case the trade falls apart.

Players, owners and fans were shocked Thursday by an agreement between the New Orleans Hornets, Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets that would land point guard Chris Paul with the Lakers.  However, David Stern decided to step in and void the deal at the last minute after many small market owners objected to the move, sending even bigger shock waves across the sport.

That bold move by the league shouldn't have too much of an impact on any Howard trade.  Stern could only prevent the Paul deal because the NBA owns the Hornets.  Without any direct control over the Nets or Magic, the commissioner and his whining small market owners have no way to make decisions for any other franchises.