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Kris Humphries Ready To Return To Basketball... And Reality TV

When NBA free agency officially opens on Friday, there will be no shortage of suitors for the services of unrestricted free agent forward Kris Humphries. The soon-to-be ex-husband of reality star Kim Kardashian had a breakout season in 2010-11 averaging10 points and 10.4 rebounds per game.

After his ill-fated walk down the aisle with Kardashian -- and unflattering picture painted of him on several reality shows -- Humphries had been on complete media silence. This week that all changed when the power forward spoke with Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo! Sports while working out at home in Minnesota.

Above all else, Humphries said he wants people to know the way he goes about his job hasn't changed.

"I approach my job, my life, in the same way that I’ve always done here. I’ve always been putting in the time. That’s my life. That’s what I do," Humphries said.

It seems peculiar, in light of those comments, that he would be so quick to run back to another reality show.  According to TMZ, Humprhries recently recorded an episode of the DIY show "Man Caves" to build the ultimate bachelor pad with the help of former Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman and current FOX analyst Tony Siragusa.

Per the report, the original plan was for the room to be where a married guy could have some "man time" and Kardashian was even going to make an appearance. Not surprisingly, plans had to change once things went south with the marriage.

As teams -- including the Nets -- ponder giving Humphries a long-term deal it has to make them scratch their head why he would be so quick to get back in front of the camera post-Kardashian if he's as dedicated to basketball as he claims.