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New Jersey Nets Rumors: Nene Top Free-Agent Target?

While acquiring Orlando Magic superstar Dwight Howard to pair with point guard Deron Williams is the dream scenario, the New Jersey Nets have to live in the reality that they can't count on being able to make that happen. The Nets do need a rebounding big man to go along with high-scoring center Brook Lopez, and reports are that Nene might be their primary target.

The Nets, league sources maintain, have been among the most aggressive suitors for Nene.

A power player is the Nets’ focus. They have made their calls to free-agent threes, including Tayshaun Prince, Andrei Kirilenko (whom owner Mikhail Prokhorov in 2007 tried to entice back to Russia from Utah), Grant Hill, Caron Butler (with knee injury reservations, but he is expected to meet with team brass this week, possibly Wednesday) and Boki Nachbar.

The plan is to fill a power spot, then look for a starting three.

Nene is a nine-year veteran who has spent his entire career with the Denver Nuggets. He averaged 14.5 points and 7.6 rebounds in 75 games a season ago, and the 29-year-old averages 12.3 points and 6.9 rebounds for his career. Kris Humphries averaged 10 points and 10.4 rebounds for the Nets last season, but is a free agent and his return to the Nets is in question.