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Former Knick Patrick Ewing Advises Dwight Howard to Stay Away From New York

Former New York Knicks star and one of the top 50 NBA players of all time, Patrick Ewing, has publicly advised Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard to avoid bolting Orlando for a team in the New York area.

"If it's up to me, he's going nowhere," Ewing said. "I told him playing up there is a lot different from playing here. It's the amount of media scrutiny that is a lot different, for example."

Ewing is currently an assistant coach with Howard's team, the Orlando Magic. The reason for Ewing's advice, Dwight Howard has recently requested a trade, with one of the interested teams being the New Jersey Nets. The centerpiece of any deal involving Howard to the Nets is center Brook Lopez. Currently Lopez is hurt, which has halted any momentum of a Howard trade to the Nets.

Former NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady has also advised Dwight Howard to stay away from the Nets.