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Deron Williams Contract Extension With New Jersey Nets Not Happening, According To Report

The New Jersey Nets traded for point guard Deron Williams last season with the hopes of convincing him to sign a contract extension to remain a Net. But according to a Thursday Bergen Record report, Williams has no intentions of doing so.

"The Record just learned Deron Williams WILL NOT Sign an extension with the Nets and will play the year out." Al Iannazzone tweeted.   

The new collective bargaining rules almost guarantee that Williams will opt out of his current deal at the end of this season to become a free agent, reported Iannazzone earlier on Thursday. Iannazzone was told by sources that the Nets expect Williams not to sign an extension.

Opting out would not preclude Williams from returning to the Nets, who still plan to entice him to stay in any way possible. The Nets are so set on impressing Williams that one source told the Record Williams "can pick his teammates" if he so chooses.

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