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NBA Lockout: Owners, Players To Meet Today

With David Stern's deadline to accept the latest owners proposal quickly approaching, multiple media reports have confirmed a meeting Wednesday afternoon between the owners and players.

The meeting would happen at 1pm and is expected to include much smaller groups than the last few "final" bargaining sessions.  Both sides will look to finally work out the details for a new collective bargaining agreement all while not allowing union attorney Jeffrey Kessler's comments to get in the way.

Kessler told The Washington Post on Tuesday that the owners are treating player "like plantation workers".  Both the owners and players were stunned to hear such divisive language used at a time when the focus should be on bridging the negotiating gap.

Stern had no problem laying the blame for the latest troubles at the feet of the union's lawyer in an interview with The Post.

"Kessler's agenda is always to inflame and not to make a deal."

The season is on the brink if a deal is not reached Wednesday, with the owners threatening to pull their current deal off the table without an agreement before the close of business.