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NBA Lockout Update: Derek Fisher, NBA Players Union To Reject Commissioner David Stern's Ultimatum

The NBA Players Association will reject the 50/50 split of basketball-related income (BRI) offered to them by commissioner David Stern and the league's owners, union president Derek Fisher told reporters Tuesday. Fisher met with representatives from 29 of the 30 teams prior to coming to his decision, which comes one day after Stern made the offer and threatened that the proposal would become increasingly worse for the players if they did not accept by Wednesday.

Fisher said that though he would be rejecting the proposal offered him, he would consider a 50/50 split if the owners were willing to make accommodations for the players on other issues.

"We're open-minded on potential compromises on the number, but there are things in the system that are not up for negotiation for us to have a season," Fisher said.

Fisher is thought to be referring to the debate over a smaller mid-level exception for luxury tax teams and a ban on sign-and-trade deals for tax team, both of which the union feels would undermine players' negotiating powers.