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NBA Lockout Over, Amar'e Wants to Organize Knicks Mini-Camp

After a grueling five months for NBA fans and players alike the lockout finally came to an end last night, as owners and players reached a tentative agreement, while some "b-list" issues still remain to be resolved in the near future. Part of the tentative agreement is a shortened season (66 games), with opening day taking place on Christmas Day.

Free agency and training camp for all teams is scheduled to begin December 9 – barely two weeks before the season. Amar'e Stoudemire of the Knicks has different plans, however. According to Alan Hahn of Newsday, the Knicks star power forward would like to work with his teammates sooner than the 9.

Amar'e Stoudemire is looking to organize a minicamp for his #Knicks teammates starting as early as this Thursday, sources told Newsday. #fb

The problem is, the Knicks don't have nearly a full roster of players under contract yet. It may not be the best idea for free agents to participate in an Amar'e-organized mini-camp a week or two before free agency begins. Regardless, kudos to Amar'e for the effort. He and Carmelo can get some extra work in together, if nothing else.

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