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NBA Lockout: Deron Williams Reacts To Union Dissolving

He may be playing basketball on the other side of the world in Turkey, but New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams reacted to the NBPA rejecting the owner's final offer within minutes.  The All-Star took to Twitter and once again stated that this is a move that was made way too late.

This is why I said we should have done this in July bc at least the process would have been underway... even over! Now possibly

During his time in Turkey as the highest profile player to go overseas during the lockout, Williams has said on more than one occasion that if the union was going to decertify (or in this case file a Disclaimer of Interest) they should have done it over the summer.

Williams had an out in his contract that would allow him to return to the NBA when the lockout was over, but now it looks like that won't be until at least the 2012-13 season.  And while that's bad news for any NBA fan, it could be even worse for Nets fans.

After commenting on the union's decision, Williams retweeted a message from a basketball site that doesn't exactly scream "I'm staying with the Nets!"

On the bright side, 2012 free agency could be amazing.

Odds are that no matter how the new deal shakes out that it will make it difficult for Williams to leave the Nets, but you still have to feel a little uneasy knowing that he could have already played his final game in a Nets jersey.