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Conflicting Reports Regarding Breakdown In NBA Lockout Talks

The NBA lockout looked to have made a turn for the better with players and owners opening up talks. There was optimism that a deal could be reached soon and that the NBA season would begin sooner rather than later.

Howard Beck of the New York Times was the first to report that the talks broke down.

Confirmed: talks done for today. Have hit a roadblock. Waiting for word from league/union.
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Brian Windhorst of ESPN was the first to confirm that it was in regards to the Basketball Related Income (BRI) and that neither side could come to an agreement over an acceptable percentage. 

League source said talks broke when players wouldn't accept less than 52% of BRI. No talks scheduled. More cancellations today.
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However, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports is reporting that the BRI was not the sole reason for the sides not reaching an agreement.

Another source says BRI was only "partly" of breakdown in talks.
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SBNation New York will keep you updated as more news is released regarding the NBA lockout.