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NBA Lockout: Owners, Players To Meet Wednesday

The NBA was set to announce two more weeks of cancelled games on Tuesday, but before they could make that decision, the players and owners agreed to meet for another round of negotiations in New York City.

Multiple reports detailed the planned Wednesday meeting as "small" though NBA commissioner David Stern will participate after missing last week's final session with a federal mediator due to a case of the flu.  Both the players and the owners walked away from negotiations after that session with a bad case of he said/she said breaking out.

Union president Derek Fisher threw the most mud after talks broke off, telling reporters they were "lied to" by NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver and Spurs owner Peter Holt.

The owners have continued to fight for a 50-50 split of basketball related income (BRI), but in their last meeting the players would only drop their cut of BRI to 52.5 percent from 53.

Any growing animosity will need to be pushed to the side if there is any hope of playing basketball before Christmas.  It's generally understood that it will take nearly a month to get the league up and running after a new CBA is agreed to, putting time at a premium entering this latest attempt at labor peace.