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Nets Are The Best Fit For Carmelo Anthony -- And He Knows It

The never-ending saga of Carmelo Anthony is, well, close to coming to an end ... maybe.

With the NBA trade deadline of February 24 quickly approaching, the Denver Nuggets will have to finally decide if they want to trade the face of their franchise, and where they want to send him.

However, as we have been reminded seemingly every day, the real decision will be made by Anthony since he would have to agree to a three-year, $65 million extension before any trade could be finalized. That has been the main sticking point for the New Jersey Nets as, depending what minute you catch the story, Anthony has been resistant to playing in Newark.

This is where I take issue with reports dismissing the Nets chances. New Jersey is far and away the best landing spot for Anthony, and he knows it.

Sure, we've heard about how he longs to play for the New York Knicks at the World's Most Famous Arena. The problem is that Anthony isn't exactly a perfect fit with the Knicks.

Not only would a trade to New York gut the Knicks of any supporting players, but Anthony would have to find a way to co-exist with Amar'e Stoudemire.

It sounds good to have two superstars in the same lineup (or three if you are the Miami Heat) and works if you have players willing to give up control. Stoudemire is a player who needs the ball in his hands to be happy, and remember he is just a few months removed from running away from a Phoenix Suns team with Steve Nash.

Anthony won't find any of those problems in New Jersey.

The Nets have the ability to substitute multiple first-round draft picks in place of players, leaving a core of Brook Lopez and Devin Harris untouched and ready to give Anthony the support he needs in the Eastern Conference.

The main chip that the Nuggets are requesting from the Nets current roster is No. 3 overall pick Derrick Favors, who has shown immense potential but also that he is at least a year away from making an impact at this level. The Nets could bring back a power forward (Al Harrington?) in the trade to make sure there is enough depth up front.

The best part of the deal for Anthony? He will get to play with a legitimate center in Lopez who has never shown any desire to be the main scoring option, instead leading the team more by default. There will never be a time that Lopez takes touches away from Anthony when he is hot, something he certainly will not have the luxury of with the Knicks.

Then there is the chance to be the first face of the Brooklyn Nets and bring a championship to the place both he and his wife were born.

When Anthony and his team of advisors look past the recent history of losing and instead recognize the potential that awaits in New Jersey, they see there is no better fit than the New Jersey Nets.