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Carmelo Anthony Trade To Nets 'Officially Dead'

The New Jersey Nets will not be able to bring in Carmelo Anthony according to FanHouse’s Chris Tomasson.

A Nets official said Tuesday that a proposed four-team deal in which the Denver star would go to New Jersey is dead. The deal, which also would have included Utah and Charlotte, offered a possibility of the Nuggets receiving Nets forward Derrick Favors, Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko and a first-round draft choice for Anthony.

Anthony says he’s OK with this, though it does seem he was hoping to be moved somehow.

“As far as that stuff goes, I’m here right now,‘’ Anthony said after practice Tuesday when asked about it now looking as if he’s not going anywhere soon. "Whatever happens is going to happen. Like I said (Monday), I’ll let the front office handle that.’’

Tomasson reports that since there is a chance the Nuggets could lose Anthony for nothing, so there’s a chance they might trade him. But there’s not a lot of urgency until the February trade deadline approaches.

I guess there’s hope in February, then, but it seems that the Nets would be more attractive right now as opposed to mid-season.