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King: "We're Exploring Everything, But There Is No Deal"...Yet

Billy King, aware of the media attention given the Carmelo Anthony rumors, met briefly with the Nets' beat reporters at the PNY Center late Sunday morning to give an update on the rumors.

"We're exploring everything, but there is no deal," said King in his update on the trade negotiations. "We have nothing. I’ll continue to explore and see if we can make the team better."

Asked if he expected to have the same team Monday, King replied: "Could be"...and whether he expects a resolution of the four-team talks on Monday as well, King had the same reply, "Could be."

It was his first comment since news of the four-team deal broke on Friday. Reporters said King's comments indicate the Nets are still trying to make the deal work. He also said he likes the Nets roster as is.