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Carmelo Anthony Deal Might Not Happen

From the Denver Post:

When the weekend began, it seemed a matter of when — not if — the NuggetsCarmelo Anthony would be traded to the New Jersey Nets in a four-way deal.

But Saturday, the discussions slowed considerably, according to a league source, as Denver mulled its potential acquisitions of Derrick Favors, Andrei Kirilenko and a draft pick. Asked if the deal was dead, the league source said, “You never can call it dead, but nothing is imminent.”

The Nuggets had previously considered dealing Anthony to Chicago, but a source had previously said Denver wouldn’t do the deal unless it involved Joakim Noah (which it didn’t) and that Denver wasn’t too enthusiastic about Luol Deng and his hefty contract.

Unless the Nuggets re-energize their interest in trading Melo to New Jersey today, it’s quite possible that Anthony will be with the team come Monday, the Nuggets’ media day.

This is why you never consider these things done until the paperwork is official. Just because teams admit talking about it doesn’t mean it actually gets done.