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Nets vs. Hawks: 3 Bad Stats

We have already taken a look at the 3 good stats from New Jersey's 89-82 victory over the Atlanta Hawks, but there was still plenty that the Nets will need to improve if they want to continue with their wining ways.

Here are the 3 bad stats Avery Johnson will be focusing on after Sunday's game in Newark.

1. 3-for-12, 7 Points

When Travis Outlaw and Anthony Morrow were starting together, they could never both have a good game on the same night.  Then Morrow was sent to the bench due to a foot injury, so that means Outlaw would finally play with some consistency, right?  Not so much.

With the Nets playing short-handed, Outlaw got to play 36 minutes and certainly wasn't shy when it came to shooting the ball but he couldn't throw it in the ocean.

2. 2 Blocks

When/if Derrick Favors earns a spot in the starting rotation, the Nets should finally be able to defend the rim.  Until then, it seems that New Jersey will continue to simply rely on perimeter defense and the occasional cold shooting performance to keep teams off the board because it won't be intimidation in the paint.

3. 4-for-13 Three Point Shooting

Any time you lose one of the best long range shooters in NBA history, it's not going to be easy to replace that production.  However, it's safe to say that 31% from beyond the arc is not going to get the job done most nights.  Luckily for the Nets, Atlanta was even worse from three, shooting less than 30%.

Final - 12.19.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Atlanta Hawks 30 13 19 20 82
New Jersey Nets 23 20 19 27 89

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