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Terrence Williams: The First Casualty Of Avery Johnson

Terrence Williams is a member of the Houston Rockets and along with guard Sasha Vujacic, the New Jersey Nets received a first round pick each of the next two drafts in return.

Yes, the Nets are collecting assets for a potential Carmelo Anthony trade but truth be told it's never a bad idea to stockpile as many draft picks as possible.  Other than the "Big 3" coming together in Miami, how many teams really improved dramatically thanks to free agency?  Billy King and Mikhail Prokhorov know that the most dangerous teams are the ones that can draft their next potential star or trade enough picks in order to acquire a proven one.

With all that being said, there should be no confusing why Williams will be playing his next game for the Houston Rockets: Avery Johnson didn't like him from the jump.  Too many demerits for being late and an attitude that didn't have enough bite on the court for the "little general".

Despite what was reported in Denver on Tuesday night, no trade involving Anthony is imminent.  King could have made this deal at any point between now and when/if a deal is struck with Denver, but his coach told him it was time to move on.  Johnson needs guys that will play be his rules and for all the talk about being "humbled" after being demoted to the D-League, Williams was never going to see eye-to-eye with his coach.