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Nets vs. Magic: 3 Bad Stats

We've seen the 3 Good Stats from the Nets 105-90 loss to the Orlando Magic and now a much more difficult task, narrowing down all of the bad stats.

Here are the 3 bad stats from the game.

1. The Entire Line For Brook Lopez

There isn't a more difficult match-up for a big man in the NBA these days than Dwight Howard and that has never been more apparent than it was on Friday night in Orlando.  Lopez was never able to get into a rhythm while being bullied by the Magic center.  He shot just 3 for 17 from the floor, finishing with 10 points and 5 rebounds.

To put his night in perspective, only once last season did Lopez have a worse night from the floor and that didn't happen until the final week of the 70-loss campaign.

2. 9 Free Throws

When you only get to the line 9 times, odds are it's going to be a long night and that's exactly what happened to the Nets.  Showing their lack of aggressiveness as a team, only three Nets found their way to the line.  The Magic, meanwhile, were awarded 32 shots from the charity stripe.

3. 13 Offensive Rebounds

To see how badly the Magic dominated the Nets inside, you just need to look at the difference on the offensive glass.  Orlando nearly doubled up New Jersey (13-7) and the worst part is that it wasn't all Howard's doing.  Rashard Lewis grabbed three and Brandon Bass pulled down 4 in just 18 minutes.