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Nets vs. Jazz: 3 Bad Stats

After looking at the 3 Good Stats, there was plenty to pick from the other side of the New Jersey Nets 98-88 loss to the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night. 

Here are the 3 bad stats that the Nets will need to improve on before Friday night's matchup with the Sacramento Kings.

1. 38% Shooting

Defense wasn't the problem for New Jersey in Salt Lake City, they continually got big stops down the stretch.  Unfortunately they couldn't turn those stops into buckets and eventually the Jazz were able to pull away.

Anytime you only have two starters shoot better than 50% from the floor and one of those -- Kris Humphries -- attempted just 6 shots. 

There are signs that the Nets offense could be coming along.  Brook Lopez seems to be out of his funk, while both Travis Outlaw and Anthony Morrow have shown they fill it up on any given night.

2. 11 Assists

One of the good stats from Wednesday night was Devin Harris' 8 assists.  The problem was that no one else on the team could put their teammates in a position to score easy baskets.  There is no way the Nets can get away with nine players only contributing 3 assists.

The low shooting percentage took some assists away, but clearly wasn't the only issue with the Nets on offense.

3. 1 for 12 Shooting, 3 Points

Anthony Morrow and his 24 points was one of the bright spots for New Jersey just as the horrendous shooting night from Travis Outlaw was an anchor for the offense. 

One of these days, both Morrow and Outlaw are going to both explode for a big game on the same night.  When you have Harris and Lopez filling up the box score, it's not necessary often, but they need to avoid these type of stinkers.