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Nets vs. Clippers: 3 Bad Stats

We have looked at the 3 Good Stats from the New Jersey Nets 110-96 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday night.  It was an impressive way to kick off their 4-game West coast swing, but that doesn't mean it was all positive for New Jersey.

Here are 3 bad stats to keep an eye on before the Nets take on the Jazz on Wednesday night.

1. 3 Rebounds

The Nets have struggled on the glass for most of the season and there was has been no bigger culprit than Brook Lopez who only pulled down 3 rebounds against the Clippers front line of Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.  It's easy to overlook these sort of efforts when a team shoots 60% from the floor, but as we all know that won't be the case most nights.

Lopez averaged 8.7 rebounds last season but so far is only pulling down 5.6 per game and has yet to register 10 in a game.

2. 20 Free Throws

If you hold a team to just 20 trips to the charity stripe, that has to be considered a victory.  Unfortunately for the Nets, Clippers guard Eric Gordon alone earned that many attempts from the free throw line, 1 more than the entire New Jersey team.

Again, shooting anything in the neighborhood of 60% will cure all ills but most night's you can't sent any one player to the line 20 times.

3. 17 Offensive Rebounds

Even with the struggles of Brook Lopez, New Jersey ended up winning the rebounding battle 35-34, but they gave up an incredible 17 offensive boards to the Clippers.  The 6-11 Jordan had a game-high 5 of the offensive rebounds, but the Nets were hurt by the little guys as well.  Guards Gordon and Eric Bledsoe combined for 7 while the entire New Jersey team only had 9.