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Nets vs. Cavs: 3 Bad Stats

We have already looked at the 3 Good Stats from the Nets 93-91 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers and now we turn to the negative.

Here are the 3 bad stats from New Jersey's fifth straight loss.

1. 52-15 Bench Scoring

The one thing that is supposed to be better for the Nets this year is the depth.  Well, once Terrence Williams went down with an abdominal injury, it was clear that there isn't much in the way of scoring options beyond the starting five.

Without the do-it-all Williams, the Nets bench was completely outmatched by Cleveland's second unit.  To be fair, the Cavs bench is averaging more than 42.6 points per game, among the best in the league, while the Nets -- with or without their 6th man -- are still learning how to play together.

2. 52.9% 3-Point Shooting

This is where the Cavalier bench excelled against the Nets.  Antawn Jamison and Daniel Gibson combined to shoot 7-for-9 from three as they were able to stop New Jersey from ever turning the corner when it came to momentum.

As Avery Johnson will be able to show his team on the tape, they were rotating to the wrong player throughout the game.  There is no excuse for leaving a guy like Gibson wide open on the perimeter, yet that's what continued to happen Tuesday night.

3. 30% 3-Point Shooting

A strength for Cleveland was a clear weakness for New Jersey.  Besides Travis Outlaw's 4-for-7, the Nets shot 2-for-13 from long range.  Brook Lopez is struggling right now, but he is going to continue drawing double teams and the Nets shooters need to make teams pay for that.  Outlaw and Anthony Morrow cannot be the only people capable of hitting consistently from three.

This is where Murphy should eventually be able to contribute along with backup point guard Jordan Farmar.