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Nets vs. Cavs: 3 Good Stats

After every Nets game this season, we will have 3 good and bad stats that jump off of the box score.  We'll bring you the bad a little later, but first here are the 3 good stats from the Nets 93-91 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

1. 27 Points, 11 for 22 Shooting, 7 Rebounds

A quick look at Travis Outlaw's first seven games with the Nets will give you a good idea of what is ailing the team.  He has averaged 20.6 points in three games but just 4 in the other four games.  Outlaw's up-and-down season fits in well with a team wide problem.

The forward certainly brought his "A" game to Newark on on a night the Nets found themselves searching for offense.  While as a unit they looked lost in their half-court sets, Outlaw was able to score both inside and out.  If he can stay on this side of the line, the Nets will be in good shape when Brook Lopez comes back around.

2. 11 Rebounds In 25 Minutes

Troy Murphy missed preseason and the first game of the season with a back injury and has been working himself back into shape and was able to get after the ball in limited minutes against the Cavs.  Thanks to Murphy's 11 rebounds, the Nets owned the rebounding advantage for only the second time during their five game losing streak.

With rookie Derrick Favors already averaging 7.3 rebounds per game, New Jersey has the potential to eventually be a force on the glass.

3. 2 Missed Free Throws

When you are struggling to find your identity on offense the way the Nets are right now, you cannot afford to leave points on the free throw line. 

New Jersey barely shot above 40% from the floor, yet they were there at the end of the game in large part due to their 7 point advantage at the charity strip.