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Nets Quietly Making Progress In Pursuit Of Carmelo Anthony

Al Iannazzone reports the Nets have made gains in their efforts to acquire three-time All-Star Carmelo Anthony from the Nuggets, having scrapped their plans for a four-team deal and instead proceeding in a standard, two-team setup with Denver. From Iannazzone:

The sources said the Nets’ latest offer for Anthony is [Derrick] Favors, Troy Murphy, Kris Humphries and two No. 1 picks. The sources also said they expect the talks to pick up.

Giving up three power forwards would force the Nets to play Travis Outlaw and Joe Smith at that spot, but they would do it in a heartbeat if it meant Anthony would be playing home games in Newark this season and Brooklyn in 2012.

He concludes by saying “[Anthony] will be moved at some point, and the Nets still are in a good position in the race.” That news has to excite any Nets fans who were worried their team squandered its chance when the four-team proposition fell apart.