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Carmelo Anthony To Knicks Trade Rumor Has 'No Legs'

Though ESPN’s Chris Sheridan recently reported that the Knicks have made “significant progress” in their bid to trade for the Denver Nuggets Carmelo Anthony,’s David Aldridge has now refuted that report.

A league source with knowledge of the New York Knicks’ thinking said on Wednesday that there were “no legs” to an ESPN report that the Knicks have made “significant” progress on a trade that would bring Carmelo Anthony to New York from the Denver Nuggets.

While the Knicks may be out of the sweepstakes, the New Jersey Nets still seem to be in the running according to Aldridge.

Other league sources that have been involved in trade discussions with the Nuggets about Anthony in recent weeks maintained that the New Jersey Nets are still in direct talks with Denver about Anthony, though a proposed four-way trade that would have brought Anthony to the Nets last month involving New Jersey, Denver, Utah and Charlotte fell through.

One source said that though that deal died, the Nets have “never been out of the mix” in discussions about Anthony, and that Denver was still trying to figure out a way to get either forward Andrei Kirienko from Utah, Charlotte’s Gerald Wallace or the 76ersAndre Iguodala in a package for Anthony. Kirilenko was part of the original four-team deal, and would have gone to Denver.

Either way, this trade seems like it will involve the Knicks or Nets in some fashion, so be sure to stick to this StoryStream as details become available.