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2012 NHL Stanley Cup Finals, Devils Vs. Kings: Peter DeBoer Says 'Why Not Us?'

Only once in NHL history has a team rallied from a 3-0 deficit in the Stanley Cup Finals to win Lord Stanley’s Cup. That was way back in 1942, when the Toronto Maple Leafs pulled it off, rallying past the Detroit Red Wings.

New Jersey Devils coach Peter DeBoer is taking the positive approach to that bit of history as his team prepares for Game 5 of the 2012 Finals against the Los Angeles Kings at the Prudential Center in New Jersey.

“You know it’s going to happen again. So why not us?,” said DeBoer. “I think that’s the approach. You’re not going to go 200 years without someone else doing it. So it’s been long enough, it might as well be us.”

DeBoer continues to say his team, down 3-1, thinks it can win the Cup.

“Our focus hasn’t wavered. I think our composure as a group, again starting with Marty. But our guys believe. Our guys believe we can win three or four games in a row,” DeBoer said. “We’re not done until they tell us we can’t play any more.”