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Zach Parise Free Agency Rumors 2012: Former Minnesota GM Believes Wild Won't Be Outbid For Parise

Could New Jersey Devils captain Zach Parise end up with the Minnesota Wild next season? Former Minnesota North Stars general manager Lou Nanne believes no one will top the Wild's bid for the forward.

"I had dinner with [Wild owner] Craig Leipold on Wednesday night. I know Chuck Fletcher and Leipold really want Parise, and what Craig told me is how hard he's going to go after him, and the kind of money he's going after him [with] - I don't see how Parise's not coming here," Nanne said during a radio interview.

"I can tell you this: No one is going to outbid the Wild. So if Parise goes somewhere else, you can bet he's going for less money. What I said is, ‘the kind of money that they're going to offer him, he might as well just come here and own the team and in his later years, win the Stanley Cup as an owner." (via Pro Hockey Talk)

Nanne also added that the offer will be so large that it would be hard to imagine Parise turning it down.

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