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Zach Parise Free Agency Rumors 2012: 'No Way' Devils Captain Will Sign With New York Rangers, He Says

New Jersey Devils captain Zach Parise will be an unrestricted free agent this summer. The New York Rangers are a team with money to spend.

The question was a legitimate one: Zach, would you consider signing with the Rangers?

His answer, reported by, was telling.

"No way," he said, later adding, "Don't try to get a headline out of it."

But the headline had already been made.

Parise, who scored 31 goals with 38 assists for 69 points last season, said he loves New Jersey and has a deep respect for coach Pete DeBoer. The Devils have roster stability entering next season and Parise would like to be a part of their promising future. He said his decision will come down to more than just money, but the question might still be whether the Devils have enough cash to keep him.

"I've always liked playing here," he said. "That's never changed. We'll see where this takes us right now, but this is a great place to play and I love playing here. I love being here."

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