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2012 Stanley Cup Finals, Devils Vs. Kings: Blogger Reaction To Game 6 Loss

After extending the series to six games, the New Jersey Devils dug themselves into a deep hole early against the Los Angeles Kings and were never able to get out of it, losing Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals 6-1.

The Devils were able to hold the line against the Kings early in the game in the first period, but our Devils blog In Lou We Trust said the game changed after Steve Burnier's hit on Rob Scuderi:

The turning point of the game was a nasty, dangerous, and reckless hit from behind by Steve Bernier on Rob Scuderi. Not only did Scuderi get blown up into the boards, blood was drawn - making it a five minute major and a game misconduct. A completely deserved penalty for a completely mindless play by Bernier. Their penalty killing woes torched them early and it ended up deciding the game in the first period as the Kings scored three times. Should we blame Bernier for putting the Devils in that situation or the penalty killers for getting picked apart? The answer is both. Feel free to disagree, but either way the Devils ended up down 3-0 with five minutes left in the first period.

The Devils needed another big game from everyone involved, and even with Burnier's hit, the Devils just didn't have it tonight and it showed against the Stanley Cup Champions.

Tonight, the Devils got out-shot 25-18, got no power play shots on net in two opportunities, allowed 3 goals on 13 power play shots by L.A., and only got to positive puck possession values at evens late in the game. The Devils put up a stinker in Game 6 and it doomed them since they couldn't afford one as they were on the brink of elimination since last Monday. The dream run of the New Jersey Devils ended tonight in Los Angeles. Tonight's blowout loss was like dumping a bucket of cold water on someone asleep. The dream ended abruptly and harshly and the target ends up all wet wondering what in the world just happened.

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