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2012 Stanley Cup Finals, Devils Vs. Kings: Blogger Reaction To Game 5 Victory

What the New Jersey Devils are doing in the Stanley Cup Finals is borderline unprecedented. No team has been able to extend a Finals series to six games after falling down 3-0 since the post-expansion era. The last time it was done was in 1945, likely beyond most people's recollection.

And to add to that, it's not like the Devils even outplayed the Los Angeles Kings in their Game 5 victory. As In Lou We Trust notes in their post-game article, the Kings got 26 shots on net and 60 total attempts, compared to the Devils 38 shots on Jonathan Quick, in which only 19 got through.

The difference was clearly Martin Brodeur, who made up for a lot what the Devils were lacking. This from John Fischer on Brodeur:

From beginning to end, he was on point. He read plays well, he got his body in front of everything, and he had his usual share of bailout saves ranging from a Jarret Stoll breakaway to Justin Williams right at the crease on a one-timer to the last minute or so of desperation from the Kings. Los Angeles attempted 60 shots on him, 26 got through, and Brodeur stopped all but one. The lone goal allowed definitely wasn't one to be ashamed of. It was a perfectly-placed wrister by Williams in the high slot to the top corner past a moving (screening?) Dustin Brown in addition to Brodeur. Other than that, Brodeur was doing everything he could do to keep the Devils in it. His play in Game 5 was clearly his among his best performances of this year's playoffs, such as Games 4 and 7 against Florida and Game 6 against New York. He was sensational.

If the Kings are going to put these Devils down in the hole, it's going to be a tough one.

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