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Dainius Zubrus On The Ice After Claude Giroux Hit To The Head In Game 4

Dainius Zubrus is back on the ice in the third period of Sunday night's Game 4 between the New Jersey Devils and the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers are down 2-1 in the second round Eastern Conference series of the 2012 NHL Playoffs, and are getting significantly outplayed on the road despite being down just 3-2 in the third.

Claude Giroux seemed to be taking out his frustration when he launched himself into Zubrus' head long after the winger had let go of the puck in the closing moments of the second period.

The hit had many clamoring for a suspension. The fact that Zubrus apparently did not sustain an injury, and Giroux did not leave his feet could result in an easier punishment from Brendan Shanahan and the NHL. It'd be a surprise if Giroux didn't wind up with at least a fine, however.

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